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Rules & Policies

General Information

Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. All entries, including individuals, must originate from a studio or school. Only certified cashier’s checks will be accepted. Studio or individual checks are not valid forms of payment. Entries are not considered complete without full studio payment.. All studio entries must be submitted together. Phone, fax or e-mail entries will NOT be accepted. Absolutely no cash refunds after deadline! Trilogy Dance Competition also bears the right to refuse entries at their discretion.

Entry Fees

Trilogy Dance Competition releases prices to Director’s only. Please e-mail info@trilogydancecomp.com and we will be happy to send you that information. You may also create a studio account online to receive entry fees. To be eligible for the early entry pricing, you must submit your entries online by January 15th. Payment will be due 15 days after entries are entered. This will be strictly enforced. There will be a $10 change fee per routine for any changes requested after the final draft has been published. *NO REFUNDS.

*In the case that an event is cancelled due to pandemic, natural disasters, or weather emergencies out of our control 100% refunds will be issued if a makeup event can not be scheduled.


Schedules are emailed approximately 10-days prior to each event. Any numbers performed after their scheduled awards ceremony will be for adjudication only. All accounts need to paid in full, 10 days prior to the competition, to be included in the schedule.

Age divisions

All Regional ages are as of January 1, 2023.

Petite    6 years and under

Mini       7 – 9 years

Junior    10 – 12 years

Teen      13 – 15 years

Senior   16 – 18 years

Adult     19 and up


Recreational – TDC recommends this competition level for beginning dancers who have little or no experience competing and/or 3 or less hours of technique class.

Intermediate – TDC recommends this competition level for intermediate dancers who have prior competition experience and/or 3 or more hours of technique class.

Competitive – TDC recommends this competition level for experienced competitive dancers who have 5 or more hours of technique class.

Dances compete in the performance level of the highest placed dancer. It is important to remember that dances may be moved up 1 level (dances may never move down a level), but the initial level of an entry is determined by the level of the highest dancer.

No competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or how many years they have danced, teachers are left to their own sound judgment when entering routines. However, the judges may elevate routines that are obviously under-placed. All decisions are Final.

High score awards will be given out to all levels excluding the Professional/Collegiate Level.


Music must be uploaded through our online Registration System at least 20 days prior to the competition. Please be sure you have a back up of your music on a digital drive at the event.

Solo – maximum 3 minutes

Duo/Trio – maximum 3 minutes

Small Group (4 – 9 dancers) – maximum 3 minutes

Large Group (10 – 16 dancers) – maximum 3 minutes

Line (17+ dancers) – maximum 8 minutes

**Note – One point will be deducted for every five seconds or portion over the time limit.


A highly qualified panel of judges will judge each entry and their decisions will be final. Contact with our judges is prohibited and will result in disqualification. Any choreography, music or costume considered inappropriate for family viewing by our judges will become “adjudication only.”

Judges will score each competitor in 4 different categories:

Technique:                         40 points

Performance:                    30 points

Choreography:                  20 points

Overall Appearance:       10 points


There are 3 judges for a maximum of 300 points (maximum of 100 points per judge).


280 – 300 – Elite Star

260 – 279 – 3 Star

240 – 259 – 2 Star

Less than 239 – 1 Star



285 – 300 – Elite Star

265 – 284 – 3 Star

240 – 264 – 2 Star

Less than 239 – 1 Star



290 – 300 – Elite Star

270 – 289 – 3 Star

250 – 269 – 2 Star

Less than 249 – 1 Star

Performance Categories

ACROBATIC/GYMNASTICS Controlled acrobatic or gymnastics movements involving flexibility and balance. Routine must include dance technique, choreography, and fluid moves.

BALLET Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements, performed in soft shoes.

MUSICAL THEATRE/CHARACTER Routine must be 50% characterization, i.e. a clown, puppet, etc. and 50% dance. Designed primarily for musical comedy and Broadway dancing. Mime, lip sync singing, etc. are allowed.

DANCE TEAM/CHEER Consisting of cheer-leading, Pom Pom, Drill Team, and Kick Line.

CLOGGING Dancers wear clogging shoes executing clogging technique, either traditional or contemporary.

HIP HOP Dancers replicate a style of street dance with movements including, but not limited to, the fundamentals of popping, locking, and freezing.

INSPIRATIONAL Dancers with differing abilities.

JAZZ Routine using primarily jazz technique.

LYRICAL Routine must emphasize control utilizing the lyrics and mood of the music.

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY Interpretive dance using such principles as space, force, height and time. Dancers demonstrate balance, extensions, isolation and control.

POINTE Dancers wear Pointe shoes and execute pointe technique in the classical, neo-classical, modern, contemporary, and/or character style.

TAP Dancers wear tap shoes and execute tap technique. May be performed with or without music accompaniment. Tap sounds may not be recorded.

OPEN To encompass any form of dance not already listed or which is a combo of two or more performance categories.

*Note: Please make sure that all routines with more than two acro passes are entered into acro or open categories. More than two acro passes are not permitted in Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary or Lyrical categories.


For safety measures, all props (free standing or hand held) are restricted to a maximum height of 10 feet. The use of safety railing is allowed. No form of liquid (including water), powder, gel, aerosol, glitter, loose feathers, or confetti, etc. may be used that would affect the dancing surface. Hanging backdrops and special lighting may not be used. Dangerous props such as fire, swords, knives, and use of live animals are prohibited. Helium balloons are only allowed if they are weighted and permitted by the venue. If the weight of the prop exceeds the maximum weight limit of a built stage or the director feels the weight of the prop is a safety hazard, the dancers will not be allowed to use the prop.

Props must be set up and removed within a 2-minute time limit. Props must be loaded in and out of the venue on the same day they are used. Storing props in the wings or backstage is NOT allowed. Trilogy Dance Competition will not be responsible for props left overnight or unattended. Any special request for the assembling of props must be discussed with the Competition Director prior to the event or upon arrival at the venue. All props backstage MUST be labeled with the studio name for identification purposes.

If the stage is littered after your performance you will be responsible for an immediate and expeditious removal of any debris. Failure to follow these safety measures may result in the routine being classified “adjudication only.”

Additional Info

Please be ready to perform at least 1 hour prior to your performance time. Dancers must check in with our Stage Manager and perform in the scheduled order unless our Stage Manager grants special permission. Failure to comply with any of these directives may result in the routine being classified “adjudication only.” Should an event run ahead of its scheduled time, performers should still plan to be ready to perform early.

No video recording is allowed outside of designated area. No flash photography is allowed, except at award ceremonies. It is the dance studio’s responsibility to inform their students and parents of this rule.

All participating teachers, dancers, and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship. Failure to comply could result in immediate disqualification and loss of privileges to participate at future TDC Competitions.

TDC and the hosting venue are not responsible for personal injury or property loss. By registering for a TDC event you are complying to this statement.

If TDC cancels an event and it is not rescheduled, studios will receive a FULL Refund. If the event facility is open, the event will go on. Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time.  Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather. 

Our protocols will always include frequent cleaning, sanitation and space for social distancing to ensure a safe experience. Local and current COVID guidelines will always be followed.

Our Promise to you

These policies are part of our commitment to ensure a safe environment for all of our participants.  We always encourage that participants and staff stay up to date, and follow all CDC, state, and local policies and hygiene recommendations.

Thank you for helping us make this season a wonderful year dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and positive environment!